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Bloodline – reviews

“In one sensitively written scene after another, Billingham probes the lives of the “other victims” of the homicides, from bereft parents to kindly neighbors to perfect strangers. Bloodline has a psychologically twisted and strikingly original plot.”
New York Times Book Review

“This great novel should put Billingham in the same league as Ian Rankin, Peter Robinson, John Harvey and Denise Mina.”

“Billingham skilfully ratchets up the tension as the person the police are hunting begins to taunt them. The book's final portion is a tautly crafted explosion of violence and sudden twists.”
Tampa Bay Times

“A thrill a minute. Billingham is firing on all cylinders.”
Daily Mirror (Book Of The Week)

“Yet another thrilling crime read from the comedian-turned-author”
Star magazine

“Superb from its gripping opening to its climax.”
The Guardian

“Tales of blood and badness don’t come much better than this.”
Evening Standard

“Another fine addition to Billingham’s formidably assured body of work.”
Daily Mail

“The revelations about the killer are totally unexpected and proof that Mark Billingham is still top of the tree.”
Daily Express

“Thorne is becoming more interesting and rounded with every book. Mark Billingham’s previous novel showed how good he was without Thorne; Bloodline shows his brilliance with him.”
The Times

“DI Tom Thorne is the most convincing cop in British crime fiction.”
The Daily Telegraph

“Billingham has freshened the serial-killer brew… the refusal to grant us the visceral release of the earlier books for much of Blood Line has a tantalising effect – and the final release of tension is all the more exhilarating.”
The Independent

“If you haven't already discovered the brilliant Thorne series by Mark Billingham, this is the book with which to start. Not many British writers know how to spin a serial-killer suspense novel, but this one sizzles from the first page.”
Toronto Globe and Mail

“Very entertaining and very suspenseful, heart-pounding right to the last page, excellent crime fiction.”
Montreal Gazette


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