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Buried cover

The Burning Girl – reviews

“Where Billingham scores highest is in his ability to write scenes that are genuinely chilling and frightening. Just four books in, he's up there with the best.”
The Observer

“Crime fiction which earns your anxiety and your respect. Billingham gets better and blacker with each book.”
The Literary Review

“A disturbing and ruthlessly compelling novel”
Sunday Express

“One of the best and most innovative writers on the British crime scene.”
Daily Express

“Billingham is back on his best form.”
Crime Time

“Takes familiar police procedural elements and shakes them by the throat, finding new and intriguing twists.”
The Good Book Guide

"Advice for anyone who is considering taking up book reviewing: it's an expensive hobby. Sooner or later you will get to review a book so gripping that you find yourself hunting down the author's previous works... A dark, thoughtful and involving book”
Peterborough Evening Telegraph

“Birmingham writer Mark Billingham is to the fore of the new crime movement and in Detective Inspector Tom Thorne he has created a `hero' of rare depth and nuance.”
The Irish Examiner

“Another assured and complex thriller from Billingham.”
The List

“Finally, England is producing crime writers whose plotting is as sharp and compelling as their American counterparts. The Burning Girl is a tantalising thriller. Billingham is at the top of his powers.”
What's On In London

“Some of Billingham's best and most tender prose.”
Birmingham Post

“It's compulsive reading, peppered with Billingham's trademark twists and tantalising red herrings.”
Manchester City Life


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