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Lazybones cover

Praise for Mark Billingham and Lazybones

“Third hit in a row for Billingham. Grimy, grisly, pungently good.”
Literary Review

“Mark Billingham has patented a potent formula that combines the grittiness of American mystery writing with the down to earth sensibility of its British counterpart.”
The Guardian

“Billingham is different, and enthralling. I defy any reader not to be hooked.”
Daily Mirror

“An engrossing plot, with thoroughly convincing locations and characters.”
Time Out

“Insanely gripping. The type of book that can rob you of a whole night’s sleep.”
The Big Issue

"For those who have not yet come across the implacable DI Thorne and his team yet, treat yourself. You won’t be disappointed.”
Sunday Express

“Sheer noiry brilliance.”

“If you haven’t discovered the Billingham/Thorne double act yet, do so. It’s a winning combo.”
The Birmingham Post

“Never less than compelling. Boasts a shocking and satisfying climax that delivers a punch to the gut of which Lennox Lewis would be proud.”

“This is a mature, intelligent novel by a writer who’s as thoughtful as his main character, and the series grows with each new addition.”
Publishers Weekly

“The fast pacing, the clever manipulation of plot, an extraordinarily ingenious killer, and the almost constant suspense of the hunt make this a mystery hard to put down.”
Mystery Scene

“It’s difficult enough to write even one exceptional thriller, but when you consistently turn out engrossing tales you have an extraordinary storytelling talent. Mark Billingham has that kind of talent as this third thriller shows.”
Rocky Mountain News

“What the author has going for him is an unusually character-rich policeman who carries some of the gravitas of a George Pelecanos or a James Lee Burke protagonist.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Billingham has such a command of his craft and his characters that he quickly lets us know Thorne will do his job--or die trying.”
Chicago Tribune

“Deft touches with character and humor help set it apart.”
Detroit Free Press

“Billingham builds the tension slowly. Solid and realistic police investigation by a very human detective. Recommended.”
Library Journal

“Lazybones has a wonderful sense of people and place. Billingham has written a powerful novel.”
Orlando Sentinel

“These compelling characters, along with Billingham’s gift for coupling canny observations with effective plot misdirection mark this series for long-term success.”


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