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It wasn’t that Thorne had any grand moral notions about serving these people. He didn’t imagine for one second that he, or another thousand like him could really protect them.

But he had to side with those of them that drew a line...

He knew from bitter experience that some of them might one day be his to hunt down. Some would think nothing of hurting a child. Some would wound, rape or kill to get whatever it was they needed.

That was statistics, plain and terrible.

Most though, would know where to stop. They would draw a line round about the same place he did. Most would stop at cheating the tax man or driving home after a few drinks too many. Most would go no further than a raised voice or a bit of push and shove to blow away the cobwebs. Most had a threshold of acceptable behaviour; of pain and fury; of disgust at cruelty that was somewhere close to his own.

These were the people Thorne would stand with.


The Tom Thorne novels

Sleepyhead (2001)
Scaredy Cat (2002)
Lazybones (2003)
The Burning Girl (2004)
Lifeless (2005)
Buried (2006)
Death Message (2007)
Bloodline (2009)
From The Dead (2010)
Good As Dead (2011)
The Dying Hours (2013)

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