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‘Thorne is an unusually character-rich policeman who carries some of the gravitas of a George Pelecanos or a James Lee Burke protagonist.’

Kirkus Reviews


It is very hard to describe the character of Tom Thorne, certainly as it is now, at the end of the book I have most recently completed. I have always wanted him to be a character who carries the events of his past with him; who is scarred, inside and out by the cases, and the people that have shaped him. Those of us who write crime fiction cannot put our charac≠ters through these dreadful ordeals without writing about how they are affected. Thorne is someone who deals with violent death, with terrible grief, and it would be ludicrous, inhuman, if he remained untouched by such things. He would be no more than a cartoon. With that in mind however, it is fiendishly difficult to describe his character without giving away things that have happened in earlier books and here I am just like every other fan of crime fiction; I hate spoilers.

So… a few key facts that don’t spoil anything

  • Thorne lives in north London,
  • He works on the Metropolitan Police Murder Squad.
  • At the time of the first book, he is forty-one years old.
  • He supports Tottenham Hotspur FC.
  • He likes country music…